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roses-bare-thorns asked:

Welcome to my tumblr! Enjoy your stay and don't be afraid to talk to me!!

Awwwwww you too sweet man!!!!!thanks I intend on talking to you sorry for the delayed reply i havent logged on in ages!!haha you can be my next tumblr buddy!dont be afraid to talk to me too :)enjoy your stay on my blog too :)

My Playlist…top 10*

1.Avicii - fade into darknesss (just gets me ina party mood).

2.Flo-rida ft Sia - wild ones (for obvious reasons hahahaha„„).

3.Drake ft Lil Wayne - hyfr.

4.Coldplay - Paradise.

5.Four non-blondes remix - whats going on?!

6.Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull - dance again :).

7.John Legend ft. Ludacris - Tonight (best you ever had).

8.Leona Lewis - collide.

9.Nicki Minaj ft. Chris Brown - right by my side.

10.Rick Ross ft. Nicki Minaj - youre the boss.



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